• Surface finish allows for high quality powder coating that will facilitate up to several year warranties from surface rust.
  • RS Tube (a specialized Flo-Coat® product) is considered the “desired product” for playground structures. We are the nation’s largest distributor for RS Tube.
  • Guaranteed consistent high strength allows engineers to design complex structures within liability limits.
  • Allied is the only manufacturer of the much needed 3 1/2″ od and 5″ od for support columns.
  • Embossed surfaces available in select sizes for grip enhancement for ladders and other handrail applications.
  • The coatings are non-toxic so if children “chew” on the bars, there is no danger. Other products have a high lead content which would not be desired.
  • Because of the design opportunities, the ADA has endorsed Flo-Coat® as the item of choice when installing a playground design for the handicapped.
  • Extreme fabrication is possible without affecting the coating. Very interesting shapes can be designed, fabricated, then powder coated and be expected to perform just like a straight length of tube.
  • All domestic materials with certifications available.
  • The only 100% recyclable zinc coated steel tube manufactured in the world.
  • Complete size range available in 1/2″ thru 5″ round, squares and rectangles up to 4 inches.
  • Need help determining your size tube see the tube chart.
  • National distribution so even jobs across the country can still be delivered out of stock.

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Playgrounds: Images & More Information

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Flo-Coat Process
Flo-Coat Process
Flo-Coat Peel Away
Flo-Coat Peel Away