Playground Equipment – Sporting Goods – Outdoor Furniture

We are sole supplier of in-line galvanized Flo-Coat tubing perfect for outdoor playground & furniture. Our Flo-Coat tubing gives extra corrosion protection with top coat making it easy to paint.

  • Lighter & Stronger

    Light, high-strength in-line galvanized tubing. Has the look of aluminum if not used with paint

  • Easier to Weld or Fabricate

    Pure zinc mixture & controlled uniform zinc level makes it easy to weld and fabricate

  • Cash Flow

    Shipping truckloads, bundles, or pieces of products on one truck. Extensive product breadth with in-line galvanized, pipe, uncoated tube, DOM and more

  • Fabrication Capability

    We cut, bend, weld, drill, laser, hot-dip, package, etc.  Our stocking facilities can assist with raw materials as well as finished product.

  • Clear Organic Topcoat

    Dry to the touch. No oil on gloves or on fabric.  Keeps the long term look of aluminum.

  • Better Corrosion Protection

    Zinc Flo-Coat organic topcoat seals in protection to eliminate need to paint or makes it easier to paint if needed.

  • Market Knowledge

    Experienced staff that understand your markets. Understanding the products you need, the advantages our product brings, and the terminology that is used.

  • Multiple Locations

    Six stocking locations along with galvanized & uncoated tube and structural shapes ready for will call or US Wholesale truck delivery.

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